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Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

The working group to examine the EU’s legislative amendments required by the General Data Protection Regulation

<< The Ministry of Justice has set up a committee to investigate the need for national legislative measures required by the general Data Protection Regulation and prepare for the changes required by the Data Protection Regulation concerning the processing of personal data by public national legislation as well as to coordinate the revision of the relevant legislation governing specific fields the preparatory work necessary for the law. The working group’s term of office is -16.2.2018 02/17/2016.

EU data protection reform agreement was reached in December 2015. The application of the Data Protection Regulation will begin a two-year transitional period after the entry into force of the act. Act shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. It shall be published in the spring of 2016 and will enter into force in Member States in 2018. >>

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

Data Protection Day 2016 – Privacy renewed

<< Council of Europe data protection day is celebrated on Thursday, 28.1. Privacy on the day of the EDPS office organizes with its partners the following events:

At 8.30 am -11.00 Ratapihantie 9, held in Helsinki, hosted by the Office of the Data Protection workshop on “Safe online transactions – Problems and Solutions”.

The European Union Data Protection Regulation is coming. The Regulation seeks to promote the development of the digital single market of Europe. Citizens do not necessarily according to the measurements currently rely on online dealings. Aim of the workshop is to identify the factors that endanger the online transactions and reduce public confidence in doing business online. At the same time, together with the different actors involved in figuring out recovery measures presented challenges.

12.00 – 16.00 Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland, Kela organized in cooperation with the Department of the Office of the Data Protection and Health and Welfare Management Data Protection seminar on “How to privacy is built for success?”

The aim of the seminar is to go through what privacy means the work leader and clarify the role and responsibility of the management of data protection in work organization. The seminar will also address the future of the EU Data Protection Regulation and its effects. The seminar is intended for managers and pharmacists in health care organizations.

13.00 -16.00 Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, Helsinki, Perustietovarantojaoston (Pertiva) a core group of data protection, in collaboration with the National Board of Patents and Registration of a seminar on “the EU’s data protection reform.”

The event will speeches data protection reform, protection of privacy and publicity of the network of municipalities decisions, experiences, information on the financial statements and results of the national service architecture implementation of the program.

Council of Europe Convention 108 “Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing” was signed on 28.1.1981. To mark the day the Council of Europe data protection is celebrated every year on the last week of january. Designed to raise awareness of data protection, as well as the rights and obligations relating to the processing of personal data. >>

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

Analytical evaluation of information systems gives rise to records

The decision relates to the use of a employee evaluation and assessment remuneration and salary systems. An Opinion was requested on the use of the remuneration systems in a white collar chemical industry. These systems produce a numerical or verbal assessment of each employee, which impacts upon their salary. Union representatives asked questions regarding if the complexity of data used in the scoring system constituted personal data, if the personal (non-numeric) assessment of an employee’s performance associated with their record constituted personal data, and if the named employee had the right to see the records. The Ombudsman indicated that data on tasks themselves (e.g. their complexity, scores associated with different tasks) were not personal data, but that based upon both Finnish and EU law on data protection, when this information was combined with personal data on the employee for the purposes of paying wages, then this is a case of processing personal data. Employers have a right to deal with personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (523/1999). The Ombudsman considers that the payment of the personal component of the employee’s salary on the basis of assessment is the kind of information that relates to the exercise of rights and obligations of the parties to the employment relationship. Supervisor felt that every worker has the right to inspect the records of the employer’s control of personal information relating to themselves, including produced by the employers assessment, unless required by law, subject to the exemption provided. This right is closely linked to the right to be assessed on the basis of accurate and relevant information. If the employer obtains data on the employee from third party sources (that they have not collect themselves, or has not been given to them directly by the employee), they are obligated to inform the employee themselves. The employer must consult with employee representatives when deciding on the introduction of new information systems and their content, as other information to be collected, including information on a variety of tests available.