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Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO)

Decision: Right to be delisted

The decision was issued in connection with a complaint addressed to the DPA requesting delisting (from search results) of the complainant’s data ( In the course of the administrative proceedings national Google subsidiary – Google Poland Sp. z o.o. stated that Google Inc. with the seat in the U.S is the owner, operator and service provider of the search system named `google` as well as the website is-  not Google Poland Sp. z o.o. Therefore the case encountered a problem related to a possibility to consider Google Poland Sp. z o.o.  as the controller of personal data contained in search results and thus the addressee of decisions issued by the DPA. GIODO stated that, taking into account the subject, way and form of business activity of Google Poland Sp. z o.o., the company shall be obliged to comply in its own name with the principles of personal data protection provided for in the Directive 95/46/EC and at the same time also all the provisions of the Polish Act shall be applied to the company.