Deliverable D1: Barnard-Wills, David and David Wright, Authorities’ views on the impact of the data protection framework reform on their co-operation in the EU, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, July 2015, 37 pp. [public version]

PHAEDRA2_D21_final_20160416_coverDeliverable D2.1: Galetta, Antonella, Dariusz Kloza and Paul De Hert,
Cooperation among data privacy supervisory authorities by analogy: lessons from parallel European mechanisms, Brussels-London-Warsaw-Castellón, April 2016, 97 pp. [public version]

Taxonomy of EU mechanisms for (enforcement) cooperation [PDF]
Matrix: lessons from parallel European cooperation mechanisms [PDF]

Deliverable D2.2: Barnard-Wills, David and Vagelis Papakonstantinou, Best Practices for cooperation between EU DPAs, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, February 2016, 74 pp. [public version]

Deliverable D3.1: Papakonstantinou, Vagelis, Cristina Pauner Chulvi, Andres Cuella and David Barnard-Wills, European and national legal challenges when applying the new General Data Protection Regulation provisions on co-operation, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, September 2016, 97 pp. [public]

Deliverable D4.1: Barnard-Wills, David, Vagelis Papakonstantinou, Cristina Pauner and José Díaz Lafuente, Recommendations for improving practical cooperation between European Data Protection Authorities, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, January 2017, 66 pp. [public]



Deliverable D4.2: Pauner, Cristina and Jorge Viguri, A report on a repository of European DPAs’ leading decisions with cross-border implications, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, January 2017, 18 pp. [public]



Deliverable D4.3: Pauner, Cristina and Jorge Viguri, A report on the PHAEDRA II blog, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, January 2017, 22 pp. [public]




Deliverable D4.4: Saffell, Jacek and Pawe? Makowski, A report on PHAEDRA II events, London-Brussels-Warsaw-Castellón, January 2017, 13 pp. [public]




PHAEDRA I (2013-2015) deliverables

Deliverable 1 – “Co-ordination and co-operation between Data Protection Authorities”

Authors: David Barnard-Wills & David Wright

Abstract: This report sets the scene of the PHAEDRA project. First, it includes case studies of where two or more DPAs have investigated the same privacy issue. Second, it reviews and summarises efforts to improve practical co-operation by DPAs as well as European and international organisations. Third, it provides a set of findings and recommendations.

Publication date: 1 April 2014 (updated: 30 June 2014)

Pages: 176 pp.

Deliverable 2.1 – “A Compass towards best elements for cooperation between data protection authorities”

Authors: Paul De Hert & Gertjan Boulet

Abstract: This report gives, first, an overview of relevant legislation, networks of DPAs and agreements between DPAs. Second, the report distinguishes different aims of cooperation, and possible best elements for cooperation between DPAs.

Publication date: 28 February 2014 (updated: 9 May 2014)

Pages: 460 pp.

Deliverable 2.2 – “Legal reflections for further improving cooperation between data protection authorities”

Authors: Paul De Hert & Gertjan Boulet

Abstract: This report reflects on the instruments for cooperation between DPAs, the independence of DPAs and other possible elements that could improve current practices of cooperation between DPAs. It also provides lessons from legal areas other than data protection.

Publication date: 9 May 2014

Pages: 53 pp.

?Executive summary of Deliverables 3.1 and 3.2: Contact list of Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and collaboration with GPEN and the ICDPPC working group

Authors: David Wright, David Barnard-Wills & Inga Kroener

Abstract: This report provides a summary of Deliverables 3.1 (contact list of DPAs) and Deliverable 3.2 (collaboration with GPEN and the ICDPPC working group). D3.1 and D3.2 are restricted to PHAEDRA partners and the European Commission. D3.2 mainly follows from the discussions between the PHAEDRA consortium and the ICDPPC’s International Enforcement Co-operation Working Group (IECWG). At the first PHAEDRA workshop held in conjunction with the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Warsaw in September 2013, the consortium discussed how the PHAEDRA project could best support DPAs, PCs and PEAs in its second year? To that end, the consortium developed a list of six possibilities from the many responses received to the first PHAEDRA questionnaire. Based on responses received, the consortium decided on support of the IECWG and identifying barriers to co-operation and ways in which those barriers could be overcome.

Publication date: January 2015

Pages: 9 pp.

Deliverable 3.4 – “PHAEDRA workshops and final conference”

Authors: Beata Batorowicz

Abstract: This report provides a summary of the workshops and final conference held under the PHAEDRA project.

Publication date: January 2015

Pages: 13 pp.

Deliverable 4 – Findings and recommendations

Authors: David Wright, David Barnard-Wills & Inga Kroener

Abstract: This report synthesises the key findings and recommendations from the PHAEDRA project’s D1, D2.1 and D2.2 deliverables. It also provides the results of the second and third PHAEDRA surveys, and provides the collective recommendations of the PHAEDRA consortium.

Publication date: January 2015

Pages: 53 pp.

Deliverable 5 – “Dissemination activities”

Authors: Artemi Rallo & Rosario García Mahamut

Abstract: This report provides an overview of all dissemination activities held under the PHAEDRA project:  the project website, the press releases and journal articles, the workshops and final conference, and the third-party workshops and conferences.

Publication date: January 2015

Pages: 8 pp.