Leading Cases & Documents

A sub-objective of the PHAEDRA II project is to create a repository of leading decisions in individual cases with cross-border implications. This will be supplemented by a collection of most significant normative documents in the field, e.g. memoranda of understanding, resolutions, guidelines or best practices (equally binding and non-binding). Both the major decisions and normative documents will be subsequently commented by the PHAEDRA II consortium and result in short commentaries. Such “Annotated Leading Cases/Documents” will be hosted on the PHAEDRA website, and in particular on the blog. They will be publicly available and access thereto will be free of charge.

[2016-06-12] PHAEDRA EU Data Protection Authorities Summaries is now available at http://www.worldlii.org/eu/cases/EUPHAEDRADPA and is part of the International Privacy Law Library

[2015-05-08] An invitation letter to the European data privacy supervisory authorities: PDF

[2015-05-01] Offer to publish decisions of data protection and privacy authorities in WorldLII’s International Privacy Law Library: LINK