Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Common Thread Statement
Eleven members of the Common Thread Network, which links the data protection and privacy enforcement authorities across the Commonwealth met in Amsterdam for their third annual meeting. This document is a press release issued by the network, noting the meeting, featuring short statements by the co-chairs, and commenting upon the need for the Commonwealth states to address privacy in the development of systems and whilst taking advantage of digital development.
The statement looks forward to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Valetta on 27-29 November 2015 and hoping that this will put privacy and data protection on the Commonwealth map. It notes that the Commonwealth has already conducted previous work forming the basis for a common approach to respecting citizens’ privacy. The statement from the co-chair Daniel Therrien notes that:
“Heads of Government need to recognise that networks such as Common Thread which span across the Commonwealth can facilitate the sharing of information and expertise to build the necessary capacity in national legal frameworks for privacy and data protection.”